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Bjørn Eriksen: Paintings

by Torben Weirup, Ole Lindboe and Ed McCormack

Next Step Reality is a presentation of Bjørn Eriksen's work over the years - from oil painting in the form of figurative painting and portraits to ink drawings, collages and watercolors. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the artist's universe and fascination for mankind in all its forms and manifestations.

The book contains an image analysis of the painting "Cool Venus, written by Torben Weirup and Ole Lindboe describes Bjørn Eriksen's approach to the portrait series "American Faces".

Additionally, in several places the book is supplemented by reviews of specific works, written by the New York-based art critic Ed McCormack.
The book is richly illustrated with Bjørn Eriksen’s works.



Magasinet Kunst

Text in English: Cinnober - Torben Weirup - Ole Lindboe - Bjørn Eriksen - Ed McCormack
160 pages in colour
Photos: Dorte Krogh - Bjørn Eriksen
Layout: Cinnnober
Print: Handy-Print A/S
ISBN 978-87-987429-5-1
© Cinnober Edition 2011, Copenhagen


Bjørn Eriksen is born 1957 in Nyborg, Denmark. Only 9 years old a talented artist. First solo show at the age of 19. Educated at The Danish Design School 1986.

Debut at Artists Fall Exhibition 1985 and since then participation at 10 juried shows. Solo and group shows in New York, Berlin, Cologne, London, Hamburg, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Faroe Islands and throughout Denmark.

Received grants from The Danish Academy, The Danish Arts Council,Oticon Foundation and Toyota Foundation. Member of The Danish Association of Visual Artists.