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Jonna Pedersen - Painting

by Trine Ross, Bente Jensen and Ed McCormack

DOCUMENTARY is about art and reality. Individually, the two concepts can be hard to define, and many have tried over the years. But this much is sure: art creates its own reality.
Some art specifically and very directly depicts humanity and existence. Other art documents and depicts humanity based on the traces we leave behind. Jonna Pedersen practices the latter, showing us reality based on human actions and traces.
Barcelona, Berlin, New York and Copenhagen are cities that have inspired her. So has a local auto repair shop.

Her documentation makes the invisible visible. Nothing is too ugly or nonaesthetic. Though individual places may seem to be standing still, they are constantly changing. Jonna Pedersen overlays her work with a larger temporal perspective. Her pictures are about what has happened before as well as what is going to happen next.

Art historian Trine Rossís essay Vanitas on Jyllingevej offers an engaging introduction to Jonna Pedersenís working process and development, describing the close connection between her life and her art.

Still lifes have a big place in Jonna Pedersenís world. The artistís fascination with product packaging is manifested in representations of everyday life showcasing consumer products. In her essay, Product Stories, art historian Bente Jensen describes Jonna Pedersenís reinvention of this classic painting genre.

Ross and Jensen together give us a nuanced and fascinating picture of Jonna Pedersenís work in the period from 2006 to 2010. The book is supplemented by reviews of specific works, written by the New York-based art critic Ed McCormack.


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Text in English: Cinnober - Trine Ross - Bente Jensen - Ed McCormack
160 pages in colour
Photos: Dorte Krogh - Marianne Leth Layout: Cinnnober Print: Handy-Print A/S ISBN 978-87-987429-4-4
© Cinnober Edition 2011, Copenhagen

  Portaet af Jonna Pedersen

Jonna Pedersen  is born 1971 in Odense, Denmark. She is a 2003 graduate of BjÝrn Ignatius ōckenholtís School of Visual Arts, Copenhagen and has also trained at Ealing Art College, London, and with the artist HŚkan NystrŲm.

Jonna Pedersen debuted at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition in 2005 and has since shown in a number of juried exhibitions. She is the recipient of several grants, including from the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Arts Council, the Oticon Foundation and the Hielmstierne-Rosencrone Foundation. She has exhibited widely in Denmark, as well as in New York, Berlin, London, Bosto, Amsterdam, Barcelona and other cities.

Jonna Pedersen considers it essential to constantly practice her art and challenge herself. For her, life and art are intertwined. The things that occupy her have roots in her past or derive from everyday life. As a child, a backyard playhouse was her main free space, a sanctuary where she could give her imagination free reign. She still does so today, at her studio known as the play- HOUSE.

Blessed with abundant natural talent, Jonna Pedersen is arguably one of the most important artists working in Denmark today.